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When it comes to software, users should focus on acquiring the following skills:

Why Choose Us

Head of Software,

Mansoor Ahmed, Head of Software, is a visionary leader who strategically drives the software development process, using his vast knowledge and experience to motivate and empower the team, resulting in Innovative and high-quality software solutions.

Software Architect, Kaleem

In a show of flexibility, Tijarah Solution was able to adapt to the management style of their clients. Their contribution to the software development aided the productivity of other teams. They are a highly knowledgeable and communicative group.

VP of Software, Health Analytics Company

Tijarah Solution consistently provides communicative, skilled resources who are able to work within the business' tech stack and produce high-quality products, which has been advantageous. The team is open to feedback, adaptable, and proactive, and they're sure to get the job done.

Sher Khan, VP of Engineering, Firstbird

Thanks to the Tijarah Solution team, the company was able to improve their technical foundation, making maintenance a much easier process moving forward. As a result, they are able to meet their customer's functionality requirements.

Our Services

Desktop Applications

We offer Desktop software application development services that help streamline complex organisational workflows and interface seamlessly with existing software implementations. We build software applications that befit your business practices to deliver enhanced performance, efficiency, customer experience, and profitability for your business.

Mobile Apps

Tijarah Solution Software offer completely customised software application development services to develop stunning mobile apps that work across a variety of devices and engage large audiences. Our apps are designed to be secure, scalable, and highly functional. Using the latest mobile-friendly technologies and our agile development methodology, we have built successful mobile apps for businesses across.

Web Applications

To us, web applications are not just about creating stunning-looking websites. We build high-level web applications that deliver remarkable functionality and user engagement from within a browser window. Our web development team helps design and develop unique, secure, and scalable web applications for you, utilising the latest technologies.

Software Product Development

Our team helps our clients build cutting-edge multi-tenant cloud-based software products that they license or offer to their customers on a subscription basis. Reimagine your earning potential.

Online School Management System

Online e-PortalManage your school online from anywhere and anytime. Single suite covers all school functions on web & Mobile app. Mobile SMS AlertsSend Bulk SMS to parents, staff & students. Attendance alerts, Exam Alerts, Syllabus alerts, Dues Alerts an much more. Native Mobile AppsAndroid and iOS Mobile Apps linked with school Management system database.

Web Design

We offer a wide range of graphic design services. From logo and branding to web and UI/UX design. Everything you will need to tell your business story.UX Design, UI Design, App Design, Dashboard Design, Graphic Design, Mobile-First Design.

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